My current custom titanium bike 2021

Someone once decided that city bikes should not have a front suspension fork. I do not agree with that. Only people who live in a city like mine (or worse) would understand me. I present to you my modern city bike with titanium frame. Personally, I am absolutely delighted with the frame’s build quality. You might think, ‘This must be a self-promotion.’ but no, not really. The welds, every curve and every dimension, down to the smallest detail — it was all done exactly as I asked. The workmanship is beautiful, and it’s a great feeling to own something you have invested so much personal energy into, to shape exactly how you want it to look and to function, it’s just incredible!

Let me describe the entire bike — after all it is the star of the show. Certainly there is no need to use such thick tubes in the front part — this is a different material. What is changed is the slightly curved (to my taste) S-shaped downtube and the seat tube, which is curved almost in line with the tyre. I have kept the aggressive 65-degree head tube angle. The bottom bracket has a 65 mm drop (I told you this was no ordinary mountain bike…). The seat tube angle is 73.9 degrees, which allows the seat to shift even further back over the rear tyre by a few millimetres. Nothing that dramatic so far. Now — the dimensions, and they are truly unique for a HARDTAIL frame designed specifically for 27.5-plus wheels. The bottom bracket is BSA83… yes, there’s no mistake here — 83 mm. The space for the rear hub is 157 mm and now it resonates with the buzzing of my beautiful new hub Hope Pro 4 150, customised for the appropriate millimetres by Industrial Custom Bikes’s bike shop boss himself.

The main reason for me to take on designing this frame is the fact that there is no standard mass produced frame for 27.5-plus tires which also fits a large chainring, so this is the other unique feature — this titanium frame is specifically designed for a chainring with up to 46 teeth. The curved seat tube allowed me to reduce the chainstay length from the standard 420 and more millimetres down to 412 millimetres. Naturally, with such a large chainring (46T) and a maximum-sized cassette 11-51, even considering the slightly shortened rear of the bike, the standard 116-link chain was not enough. That is why I’m using a 126-link chain that was slightly shortened to 120.


Because everything on is with Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, you can download the drawing of my titanium frame completely free of charge (click on image below).

Front angle 65 degree
Front angle
65 degree
Enough space for rear tire
Cranks: Shimano Zee FC-M645 ZEE 170MM
Cranks: Shimano Zee FC-M645 ZEE 170MM
Chainring: ZRace 46T Narow Wide BCD104
Bottom bracket: Shimano SM-BB52D Deore 83mm
Bottom bracket:
SM-BB52D 83mm
View from the left
View from the right
Custom Titanium Frame from Waltly Titanium
Tires: Schwalbe Super Moto-X 27.5 x 2.8
Cassette: Shimano CS-M5100-11 Deore 11 11-51T
Rear Hub: Hope Pro 4 150 32H set to 157mm
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