Your custom titanium bike

Custom titanium frame

I'm not slim. I'm fat, but I ride my bike every day. So I made this site and designed my bike frame. Because it is easy for manufacturers to produce only bicycles for people up to 100 kg. But there are many people who do not fall into that category. I like Schwalbe tires. They recently offer very suitable tires. They are called cargo tires or electric bike tires. Some models withstand a load of up to 170 kg. I hope I don't get to that weight. I currently weigh about 117 kg.

I try to tell everyone about my bike. Some people like it (the fat ones) and the skinny ones don't like it because they just don't understand what it's like to be fat. How should you design everything for a heavier load. Seeing my hardtail for the first time they think it's a mountain bike. Yes, it has many of the components of one, but it's actually much more of a rugged city bike. It is made to be driven in any urban terrain. I can drive it fast, but its huge, strong brakes also allow me to stop quickly enough, despite my heavy weight. I've been driving it for about a year now and the pleasure continues. This is my unique bike. I hope you like it.

Yes, I can make a drawing for your custom titanium bike. You need to be prepared for many questions. What are your body measurements? How tall are you? How much do you weigh? Is there a bike you like? If so, what do you want to change in its construction? I can consult you, share personal experience.

Your drawing will be totally free. I have one condition - once your frame starts to be made you agree to the publication for free download of your drawing on my site.

In fact, you most likely want a ready-to-ride titanium bike that is both beautiful and affordable! I have such a solution!

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