Your custom titanium bike

Custom titanium frameWhy serious cyclists pay more for titanium bikes? Although steel and aluminum have been used to make stylish bicycle frames, today carbon frames are preferred by serious cyclists. Epoxy-reinforced pieces of special fabric can be mass-produced and shaped to achieve the optimal balance between weight, comfort, aerodynamic performance and the mystical quality known in cycling jargon as "stiffness", which is the effective transfer of driving force from your feet to the wheels.

Recently, however, an alternative to carbon has been revived. First used to design luxury frames in the early 70's, it managed to attract a small but influential cult: Let's all praise titanium.

Combining the best qualities of flexible steel, corrosion resistance and lightness of carbon, titanium is increasingly seen as the ideal way to balance speed and comfort. People describe it as "It manages to run very smoothly while still transmitting exelent driving force to the wheels" or "Titan can reduce fatigue during long rides and challenging sprints on serious sections."

Titanium frames, due to their strength, are increasingly the object of desire, the bicycle equivalent of playing vinyl records. Although you can find standard titanium bikes, now the fashion material has found its niche in the market of custom frames. Enhancing its reputation: the legendary difficulty of welding, which must be done in inert conditions, as oxygen and nitrogen can damage the weld. Of course, the fact that the titanium frames look great also helps. Unlike steel or carbon, bare titanium does not need paint to protect it, and most homeowners never want to hide the satin colors of their titanium frames.

Titanium has become the last refuge of artisans in an industry dominated by international brands that supply most of the carbon frames from factories in China or Taiwan. The pure aesthetics of a titanium frame, handmade by a master with a welding mask, adds a refreshing romantic touch to the production of bicycles. It may take one year between ordering the frame from the customer and delivery. Sometimes the waiting list before you is long.

Yes, I can make a drawing for your custom titanium bike. You need to be prepared for many questions. What are your body measurements? How tall are you? How much do you weigh? Is there a bike you like? If so, what do you want to change in its construction? I can consult you, share personal experience.

Your drawing will not be free, but it will not be soo expensive. I think a price of $100 would be reasonable. I have one condition - once your frame starts to be made you agree to the publication for free download of your drawing on my site

Or if you want to share your Waltly Titanium Technology (xiamen) Co., Ltd. drawing for free download with your basic body measurements - height and weight. The main purpose of the bike. What is it designed for: Enduro, Downhill, Trail, Urban, Road racing or Cyclocross.

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